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Cost report preparation

Cost Report Preparation

Medicare cost report preparation is a complex, ever-changing and  exacting legal obligation. Since both compliance and accuracy in  Medicare cost reporting are key to uninterrupted and maximized CMS  reimbursements, it is of crucial importance to the financial health of  your organization. Mathews, Samuel Associates PC, CPAs. is one of the best dedicated providers of Medicare reimbursement and cost report  services in the nation (we provide Medicare Cost Reports for all 50  States and territories). With many years of Medicare cost reporting  experience, our team has the expertise that you need to turn your  Medicare cost report preparation into a seamless and inexpensive  opportunity to optimize your revenue.

Why rely on us for your Medicare cost report preparation

Misfiling Medicare cost reports can be very costly (suspended payments or missed reimbursement), so is the filing of the cost report itself. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) estimates that an average of over 200 hours of research and compilation work is required to answer each of the Medicare cost report questions.

Our staff members attend regular trainings in the preparation of all CMS cost reports to ensure they stay abreast of changes in reporting requirements. Beyond CMS regulations, our staff is trained in current best practice for the handling of confidential patient or financial information. (Our website features a unique secure File Cabinet system through which confidential information exchanged with our clients is transferred or stored securely, in compliance with Federal and state laws). Our CPA’s and staff have years of Medicare cost reporting experience and healthcare accounting practice. Each one of our Medicare cost report clients is assigned a dedicated cost report preparer.

We have the means to address your Medicare cost report needs and related issues; in addition to expertise, seniority and technical excellence, it is our dedication to our clients and straightforwardness in a complex industry that make us one of the most successful CPA firms dedicated to healthcare accounting in the country.